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Virtual Wedding Planning Service

Our most popular plan! We understand how stressful planning your wedding can be, especially when it comes to fitting the wedding planner into the budget. This plan allows you to save on the cost of a full service wedding planner, all while making your planning process seamless, easy, organized and fun!

Whether you’re looking for a month-of planner or a full service, A to Z wedding planner, this plan covers both options. You get the benefits of a full-service planner at a bargain! This plan is only $500 and comes with the following:

  • Interactive planning software that tracks every aspect of your wedding from budget, seating arrangements, guest list & invitations, wedding day timeline and so much more (more info on this later).
  • Our full vendor list + recommendations based on your specific wants and needs.
  • 24/7 access to me or one of my amazing planners for ANY questions or concerns that may arise (this includes professional tips, suggestions, guidance, etc).
  • Weekly and monthly check-ins to see how the planning process is coming along.

This plan is perfect for those that are trying to save money while still planning their wedding as stress-free as possible, because for most full-service planners you’re looking at spending multiple thousands in dollars.

This plan allows for access to a planner at a moments notice, whenever needed and also allows for full planning control with the use of our efficient software. To get a glimpse into just how helpful this software is, we’ll take you over some of the things that you get when signing up for our virtual planning package.

About the Planning Software

The software we use allows you to sign in and easily manage and stay on top of all of your wedding to-do’s. I will also be there every step of the way to help guide and remind you of important tasks! Without further ado, here is everything the software allows you to do..

Manage Your Budget and All Your Payments

There is no better and easier way to keep track of your budget. Keep track of what you paid, what you owe, who you owe and when certain payments are due. All while keeping things completely organized and easy to understand.

Wedding Planning Budget
(Budget tracking and planning)

Manage Your Seating Chart and Visualize the Exact Layout

A feature you won’t find anywhere else. The software we use allows you to visualize the EXACT layout you want at your wedding. From the size of the tables and seats, to the amount of tables, to assigning each guest to their respective table. This feature is one of our clients absolute favorites.

Wedding Seating Chart

Put Together Your Full Wedding Timeline

No need to write down your timeline dozens of times trying to figure out what time is best for what. Just easily hop on the timeline tab and adjust certain events to your liking while keeping it clean and organized. The timeline is also able to easily be forwarded to your entire party, etc.

Wedding Timeline

Add Guests and Manage Your Guest List and RSVPs

There’s no easier way to keep manage and keep track of all the guests you have invited. You’re able to group them, see who’s RSVP’d, personally message them and so much more with this feature.

Wedding Guest List

Manage/Organize Vendors and Contacts

Easily group all of your important vendors and contacts in one area. You also have the ability to add things like descriptions, payments, notes on the vendor and more. There’s no easier way to manage your vendors and important contacts.

Wedding Vendors

Create a Calendar to Remind You of All Important Dates

The calender feature allows you to better plan and vissualize all the important events you have coming up! Name the event, set the time and add any notes you may want to remember for each date.

Wedding Planning Calender

Create a To-Do Checklist

You can seamlessly create a checklist with all the important tasks you still need to take care of. You’re also allowed to group and organize the tasks, like the picture below. Create a list for the small tasks you need to take care of, then create a to-do list for tasks pertaining to the guest list, etc.

Wedding Checklist

Design and Curate All Your Wedding Colors, Plateware, etc.

Organize all the little details that bring your wedding together. From the colors of the linens, to the colors the wedding party will be wearing, to the styles of the plateware and florals. You can get every little detail of your wedding nailed down with this section.

Wedding Decor Planning

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready to jump in and get started with this plan, just fill out the form below and choose “Virtual” under the Service drop down menu!

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