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How Much does a Wedding Planner Cost in Arizona?

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in Arizona?

How Much does a Wedding Planner Cost in Arizona?

Hiring a wedding planner in Arizona, you’ll find a slew of different packages and price ranges when looking on wedding planner sites like The Knot and the Wedding Wire. The general average price will always vary depending on many different factors like the planners experience, what type of package you’re in need of, complexity of the wedding, and the specific location within Arizona. Typically, wedding planners will charge either a flat fee or a percentage of the overall wedding budget.

In this post we’ve done all the hard work for you in determining the average price of the three main packages that wedding planners have in Arizona, those being day-of coordination, month-of or partial planning and full service planning.

We’ve compiled every single wedding planners pricing (the ones that advertised their pricing) in the state of Arizona and averaged it out so you know the exact average price of what a wedding planner will cost you by package in Arizona!

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Average Day-of Coordination Planner Pricing in Arizona

We were able to compile prices from 20+ Arizona wedding planners for their day-of coordination package. Prices for this package among Arizona wedding planners ranged from $1,000 to $4,000 with the average coming out to $2,400.

So with that, if you’re looking for a day-of coordinator that’s the price you should be looking to stay around. At Events by Jordyn, we only charge $1,000 for our day-of coordination package which you can find more info on here.

Average Month-of/Partial Planner Pricing in Arizona

This is arguably the most popular wedding planner service couples opt for due to the cheaper pricing and more hands-on approach you get from most planners. With that, prices for this plan tend to vary greatly, ranging from $1,800 all the way up to $10,000 depending on the planner and what’s included in their package.

With that being said, the average price from 20+ Arizona wedding planners indicates the average month-of/partial planning pricing is exactly $4,084. This is the number you should be trying to aim for or less when choosing a month of or partial planner for your wedding.

Average Full Service Wedding Planner Pricing in Arizona

Now for the most expensive package pricing you’ll find (with the exception of destination weddings). Full service plans are typically the largest packages wedding planners offer and they come with the most amount of planning guidance and resources.

With that comes a hefty price tag. In Arizona you can find planners that offer their full package for only $2,500, but you’ll find more offering their full service plan in the $7,000 and up range with the highest price we found being $13,000.

All together when you take the pricing of the 20+ planners we found, the average full service planning cost is $6,400 on the dot. If you’ can’re able to beat that price when looking for an Arizona wedding planner, you’re finding a great deal!

How to Know When the Price is Right

When searching for a planner many couples will try to find the cheapest available rate. We advise against doing this as many times the cheaper priced planners are less experienced and just trying to get their feet in the water (which there’s nothing wrong with doing!).

When you’re vetting a planner, always weigh the price with what the package is offering. If you’re able to get a lot out of a package from an experienced planner with lots of reviews while paying below the average rate for an Arizona planner, that is most likely when it will be clear you’re making a good choice.

On the other hand, maybe you’re getting to the end of this post and you’re realizing that maybe you don’t want a planner at all and you want to do all the planning yourself? This is an option many newly engaged couples are opting for and we’ve got the perfect guide for you on how to plan your wedding! You can check out our best tips for planning your own wedding here!